Closing of Sid’s Bar: One *giant* step backward for Pigtown

Pigtown is a “neighborhood in transition”.  Everyone knows this.

With folks in Pigtown trying their damndest to revitalize this area?  There’s a black spot on Washington Boulevard: Sid’s Tavern.

Sid’s used to be a great neighborhood bar, from what I’ve heard.  But now?  The owner’s bas-ackward behavior has lead to Sid’s getting it’s liquor license revoked, which will have Sid’s shut it’s doors.

The owner ought to be ashamed of himself.  Just goes to show what can happen when you give an idiot a ton of money.  Money can’t buy class.  Or even common decency, apparently.

So, effective May 1, 2010, Washington Boulevard will have another vacant building on it.  A vacant building brought on entirely due to idiotic behavior and a total and complete disregard for this neighborhood.

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