Pigtown Gothic (except I don’t have a pitchfork. Yet.)

Time for gardening!  Or, as much of a garden as I can plop down on my deck.  Which is plenty garden for me, since watering and pruning are my only skills in that area.

Hit WalMart for some potting soil and planters, and came away with some rail-savvy flowerbeds that I’ll put marigolds or somesuch in later.  I also  found a couple of cute plants that begged me to take them home.  While potting the plants I bought today, I noticed that the bucket I’d plopped outside makes a mighty nice mini-rain bucket.  So outside it’ll stay.  Used it to water the new plants, and I’m feeling pretty eco if I do say so myself.

Now, on to the plants!

First off, a peppermint-striped dahlia (one of my favorite flowers evah, second only to spider & football mums.)  Just beautiful!  With plenty of healthy new growth and a few buds as a tease.

Next?  Some flat-leaf parsley, which will come in handy in just about everything, from marinades to couscous to salads.  Hooray!  I also grabbed a packet of rosemary seeds, so the rosemary pot I have can be fleshed out a bit.  Last year’s plant is hanging on like a trooper — as is the oregano from two years ago, which is making yet another appearance! — but one branch does not a huge amount of rosemary make.  So?  Called in the National (Rosemary) Guard.  Here’s hoping they grow!

Wrapping up today’s garden-binge, I picked up a tomato plant.  “But you have a deck garden silly; you can’t grow a tomato in a deck pot!”  Au contraire, Mon frere.  This is a patio tomato, a tomato that has been hybridized to be able to grow in a small container.  Sure, the fruit is smaller too, but hey; home grown ‘maters!

I’m so gosh-darn proud of the little darlings, so as any proud momma I’ve taken pics.  Fingers crossed that nobody nicks ’em, since I have no fence yet.  This is my big gamble.  I’m betting on Pigtown being groovy.


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