Pigtown: Spring cleanup!

(Truth In Blogging Notice:  This happened on April 3rd and I’m only just now getting these pictures up.  I suck.)

The Mayor of Baltimore called for a Spring Clean Up in the city; wander around, snag trash that shouldn’t be there, put it in a bag.  (And am I the only one getting the Disney short “In The Bag”?  No?  Phew.)

I had to head over to the intersection of Washington Boulevard & Scott Street, so I decided to take a cut-through I hadn’t noticed before.  And found myself in a really cute little area tucked away from the hustle & bustle of Washington Blvd, Cross & Scott Streets.  Pigtown Commons is a beautifully revitalized area, with window baskets and brand-new stucco on the walls.  I spoke to a man who lives in one of the cute row houses, and he told me that particular area used to be very bad; drug deals going down all day and night, the houses in horrible condition.  But a developer came in and turned it around.  Now it’s really cute!  And I can use it as a cut-through to head to Citizens Of Pigtown meetings, since the Bath House (the meeting center) is directly above the Commons.  Yay!

As I headed to the “pick up your bags here” intersection, I stopped to snap a few other pics.  (Yes, I’ll do anything it takes to avoid work.)  Coming back to my street — picking up trash along the way — I felt like I was a part of something.  I got some strange looks from a few people, but I had a Citizens Of Pigtown button on, so I hope they figured I was a community gal.  ‘Cause you know what?  I am.

Anyway, I turned out for the clean, and got several bags of trash cleaned off our block!  I felt very (full of myself) accomplished at the end of it all.  Okay, the city took awhile to pick those bags up, but you know what?  I’d do it again.

No pics of the street after my cleanup — must have been lightheaded from doing actual work….


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