Okay, so Red is a vacant, falling-apart building next door to my house.  Folks around here say it’s been vacant for years now.  It’s propped up with a wooden structure to make sure the front doesn’t fall-go-boom.

It’s a worry.

My realtor?  She of the vanishing act once she received her commission?  Told me there was “no problem” with buying my house, with *that* as a neighbor.

Sure hope not.

Now there are more bricks gone from Red’s facade, and it’s about time someone did something.  So?  I went on to Baltimore City’s Online 311 (pretty dang nice system I have to say).  It did a solid for me with their RATRUBOUT plan; haven’t heard scritching for awhile now, knock on wood.

I submitted a request to have a Housing Inspector check out Red, and requested a confirmation/follow-up.  No follow-up yet…so I checked the tracking number (ala FedEx; again, pretty dang nice online setup).

The result?  Herewith (edited for privacy…well, nobody really reads this but just in case):


Service Request Details:

Help Service Request Number: xx-xxxxxxxx
Help Type Code: HCD-Maintenance Structure
Help Location: xxxx xxxxxxxx ST BALTIMORE CITY MD 21230
Help Created Date: 4/23/2010 8:20:23 AM
Help Due Date: 5/8/2010 8:20:23 AM
Help Status: Closed
Help Status Date: 4/29/2010 9:07:34 AM
Help Activity: Dispatch Inspector
Help Outcome: Violation Notice Outstanding

If you have questions regarding the status of this service request, please dial 311 and reference SR# xx-xxxxxxxx.


Closed?  “Violation Notice Outstanding”?  What does this even mean?  Okay, I know what closed means.  I’m not that daft (almost, but not quite).  This place has been vacant for years, but apparently someone still owns it.  Can’t the city just take it and condemn it, since nobody has done squat for years?

A neighbor gave me a piece of advice; go to the press.  “I’d call Channel 11, 13 and 2.”  She said nothing will light a fire ‘neath a government wonk like a press investigation.

I may have no other choice.


2 thoughts on “Condemnable.

  1. Hello Denise,

    Another resource to use in getting information out there is

    they post information on slumlords on their site in the hopes of publicly getting the information out there, and it seems like this problem is one that they would love to put out there.

    1. Thanks Jeff! I will definitely check that out. Looks like my neighborhood association may be doing a bit of work on this topic (and my neighbor’s house) in the coming months. Fingers crossed!

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