Fells Point French toast & yada yada

Headed out to see more of Artdromeda over the weekend. Saw a bit of a Capoeira routine/form, heard a little music & found many of the art pieces had been sold. Cool!

Also tried the local Ethiopiaan restaurant Elfegne, which is absolutely awesome. Delicious food & nice proprietors that cook your food in their wee rowhouse restaurant.  They may run out of stuff at the end of the day, but they were super-helpful with substitutions (my friend got lamb instead of beef, and enjoyed it thoroughly.)  All that and it’s BYOB, should the mood strike you.  I’m filing that tidbit away for later, when I go for a sit-down rather than takeaway.

Other bits?
* STILL no word on my loveseat, even though I e-mailed them this morning.  I’m thinking I might have to file a chargeback claim if I don’t hear anything from them after a day or two.  This is really P***ING me off.  [UPDATE 5/11/2010: called SS, and they said that due to shipping/moving problems they’ll be refunding my shipping fees!  That’ll be 92 bucks I can pump into the w/d.  Very nice; I thought good customer service had died for the most part.  I hope their loveseat is just as groovy.]
* Researched washer/dryer combo units. The best advice came from a friend in the UK who said she’d rather have a vented set than her combo. * Picked up a sham for a 2nd BR pillow @Sears Outlet near White Marsh… *…and scored a loveseat frame cover and cushion cover for my Tylosand @As-is! *Saw an obese rat waddle out of Red and into the alley last night.  *shudders*

Lookit – a pic from brunch at AT’s in Fells. More to follow….

taters and toast
Butterfingers-stuffed French toast & cheese-n-bacon Tots. Mmm!

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