Finally picked out a washer/dryer!

Not really much to say that you don’t get from this picture:

– it’s a Samsung set

– I got it for a steal (with an extra 10% off Energy Star stuff right now)

– the washer is Energy Star & qualifies for the full $150.00 back, and I”ll be pumping that rebate out to ’em toot-sweet.

The major selling point for me?  The wee little door at the bottom of the washer.  You flip that puppy open, and you can get to a hose that drains out water after a cycle, as well as the lint tube.  (Who knew washers had lint tubes?  Apparently I was a huge fire hazard when I was renting.  Huge.)

They’re delivering it in a week to a week and a half.  Why the wait, with their usual next-day shipping?  Because this is “their most popular set” and it’s on back-order.  The Appliance Guy filled me in on that after I bought it (he said he couldn’t really say that beforehand, couldn’t sway my decision).  Plus?  Appliance Guy #2 said he & his wife have had a Samsung for 3 years and they’ve had no problems with it, even though they have 4 kids so laundry’s a constant thing in their ‘hood.

Looking forward to the install.  I’ll feel like I”m in a “real” house then.  Yay!

And yes, yes, a MaterWatch is forthcoming.  With a bit of a surprise….


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