Yay: new washer/dryer! Boo: no dryer outlet???

My groovy new washer/dryer came today, hooray!  Yep, it’s pretty tall and it blocks a goodly amount of the light from the glass block window, as I’d expected.  But…washer and dryer.  Yipee!

All is not roses though.  And no, I’m not talking about the fact that I still don’t have a dryer vent (that’s still on my to-do list; more about that in a bit).  I’m talking about the fact that I don’t have an electrical outlet to plug in my dryer.

Yep.  No plug.  None at all.  One for the washer, sure.  Not one for the dryer.

Cost for installing a 24oV outlet?  According to the interwebs it’s around 300-500 bucks, depending.


I made a call to a local electrician and got a tentative “sight unseen” estimate of 250…and went with that, since the BGE guess-timate was “under a thousand”.  Yeeks!

Anyway, lookit the combo: pretty, no?

Something to stare at while I determine how to get my Housing Inspection money back.  I made double, triple, quadruple-sure I told the inspector that I needed to know every little thing I’d need to deal with, so I could make an education decision on whether or not to buy the house.  Because I didn’t want to be nickle-and-dimed to death with things.  I told him this.  And the inspector?  Gave me the thumbs-up sign.  Fucker.

Washer and (unhooked) dryer
Washer and (unhooked) dryer

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or back to dryer vents)…I spoke with one of those “call us we’ll do anything” handyman companies this week about installing a vent in the glass brick window.  And the contractor Talked Me Out Of It.

Seriously.  You heard that right.

Apparently since my basement is humid anyway (this I told her during my usual I-talk-too-damn-much convo), she said a humidifier would be needed anyway for an internal dryer vent, “so….” *silence*

Me: “So, I should probably just give the internal vent/dehumidifier combo a go for a few months, check the humidity levels and if they’re fine I’m all set?”

HandyGal: “Definitely.  You can always call us if you need to have the vent installed, but just try that out first.  And if you have anything else you need doing, we’re here for you.”

Me: *.*

So I’m gonna pick up an indoor dryer vent, and a dehumidifier.

Needless to say I still have that number in my celly.


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