Too tired for a fun day. So home-work ’tis.

I’ve had the list of stuff my home inspector said needed to get done rolling around in my head ever since he told ’em to me.  Yep, even though I now know he wasn’t all that great, inspection-wise.

So after a great Saturday hanging out with friends (and a not so great Saturday evening schlepping through the hell that is 495 when Something Goes Awry), I decided to rest today, rather than head back down to the DC Metro.  Which, of course, means I’ll be doing stuff around the house.

Now of course I’ve done some laundry.  But I also decided to check to see if my sump pump actually works.  I’ve been dreading trying to figure that out.  But last night?  Was apparently the time to check it out.  I dumped about 5 gallons of water into the reservoir, and watched it ebb away.  But no “Woosh” or “Slurp” like I’ve heard in other houses I’ve lived in with a sump.  Nerves started to kick in…and I scrubbed it out a bit, then vacuumed the crud out of the reservoir.  Pieces of what look like plastic furniture leg-protectors, scraps of concrete and a whole lot of unsavory dust came up.  Then I moved the floatie up away from the brand lable.  “Whoooooom!”  Phew.

The sump does work, hooray!  But the downside is it only works if I crank it up to 12:00, which means it’ll only turn on if there’s 15-20 gallons standing in the reservoir.  Which begs the question: when the 5 gallons of water I poured into the sump went bye-bye…where did it go?

Looks like that’s my next problem to pretend to forget for a bit.  Egads.

Headed to Home Depot to pick up some supplies, and to check on dehumidifiers.  Unfortunately, their dehumidifier selection consisted of three individual units.  Each one was a different brand though.  More research is needed, I guess.  I’m thinking Energy Star-rated, with a digital readout I can set for a percentage of humidity rather than low/high.  And a hose I can run into the sump, rather than having to empty the bucket all the time.

Bought some foil tape for the HVAC unit, since Summer is here.  Before things get too steamy I figure I’d cross one thing off of my Home Inspection To-Do List, so I got to tapeing the unsealed joints of the HVAC unit with Nashua foil tape.  I could have bought cheaper stuff — that company even makes cheaper stuff — but I went with the exact type the original contractors used.

What I thought was so cool was that each roll of this tape has a date printed on it.  The stuff already on the HVAC says 12/06.  The new stuff I popped up says 03/10.  I guess that way you can keep track?

‘Mater is doing well, and now has a mum and a wee marigold for company along with the rest of the herb/flower gang.  MaterWatch to follow….

But first?  Makin’ peanut butter cookies.  I deserve ’em after my big day of macho-ness.


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