MaterWatch: Now with flowers!

How amazing! Mater has sprouted many little buds, and now a goodly number (13, but who’s counting?) have turned into yellow flowers. We all know what that means…TOMATOES! Well, soon. Soonish. But tomatoes there will be.

Oh, and the dryer outlet is up and running. The inside vent works well, and the sheets that were the Inaugural Event came out toasty dry. As for the humidity I’ve heard everyone with an indoor vent must beware? Not that noticeable with the overall humidity. But with last month’s BGE at under $50? A dehumidifier is definitely comin’ to town.

Discover Card must love me right about now….

But who cares? Tomatoes!!! ‘Til they actually make an appearance? I’m happy sniffing that lovely tomato-plant scent. Smells like happy.


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