I think I may have over-gardened.

Yep. Got bit by the gardening bug and now I’m nothing but a cheap motel for my plants. Well, at least this cheap motel has a balcony (deck, balcony, same diff.)

On the left? Dahlia & spider mums (ooh!) Rosemary in the “raised planter”, aka a pot with an inverted pot below as support. Then there’s the grill.

Mater is in the middle, and ain’t he cute? He’s so tall that the stem is poking through the propper-thing. Yes, I do understand that a tomato plant has girl and boy parts, but he identified as a boy at an early age so I’m loving him exactly as he is.

Next to Mater is a pot o’ basil. Then, on the riser is sage, marigold, oregano, hyacinth bulbs and…an empty pot. More on that later.

Far right on this pic is a baby Thai pepper plant I got yesterday during a friend’s plant-fest (thanks!!!) The thyme & lavender are hanging on the rail.

Empty pot? For lavender re-do. Or….

The deck, alive with plants...and with very little room for much else.


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