Living in a row house in the city has advantages.  You can be super-close to the goings-on around town, walk to just about anything you need (except supermarkets ’round here…but that may change…) and with neighbors thisclose, you can sometimes foster tighter community bonds than you would in your typical suburban enclave.

But row houses do have disadvantages too.  The one I’m dealing with now?  Humidity.  Since I moved to my house in the cold months of December/January, dampness and humidity weren’t an issue.  Now?  Different story.  It’s pretty humid down in the basement, and even the upper levels can be uncomfortable.  I bought some cheapy humidity level gauges and in the kitchen it’s currently 75% humidity, up in my bedroom it’s about 60%.  “Healthy” humidity levels are around 30-50%; a higher level leaves you open to mold issues, not to mention dust mite partytime.

Since I like to over-research everything, I’d put off choosing a dehumidifier in favor of obsessing over every little option on these items.  But I bit the bullet and picked up a refurbished LG 65 pint dehumidifer over at Overstock; they had a 10% discount weekend and 3 buck shipping, so I figured I’d take a chance.

The first unit was DOA, but I was able to return it for a replacement.  The new one works like a charm, but is loud enough to have me considering earplugs.  Plus, the unit is sold as portable, and even though I’m part munchkin, I’m sure a truly portable item is less than 58 pounds.  Or at least it’s a bit easier to move around.  So yeah, it’s gotta go.  Which sucks, because now it’s back to the drawing board.

I did do a test run of the dryer (with the indoor “venting system”/shoebox filter) with the dehumidifier right next to it.  Not too shabby!  Closed the door on the Swamp Room and let the dryer & dehumidifier duke it out.  After the cycle?  It was hot in there, true.  But it was a whole lot drier than I’d anticipated.

You know I’ll spend the rest of the day wondering if sending this puppy back to Overstock is a good idea, right?  Yet, with all my wishing I could Just Deal With It, the dehumidifier’s WUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM is so loud that watching TV (or even just kicking back) in the ManCave is an impossibility.

Until I figure out the best, quietest dehumidifier for Chez Cochon, guess I’ll have to live with the humidity a bit longer.  Meanwhile,  I’m off to try out the new Purple Line on the Circulator.  Meeting friends at Iggie’s Pizza at noon, so killing two birds — the new line and pizza — with one trip.  I think I’m gonna love this bus.


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