While the owner’s away, the garden will…?

I love my garden.  Really I do.  I’m pretty good at keeping the whole thing watered, and they’re pretty good at bouncing right back if I’ve left them too long without a good soaking (like on a baking-hot day, for example.)

But I’ll be heading out to pet-sit for a friend, which will give me several days to catch up with friends in the DC area…but what of my poor plants?  So, as usual, I”ve been researching my tuchas off to see what I can find.

An article from CBS News on Vacation Gardening Tips has a few good pointers.  I may have to research “watering wicks”, and I know I can pick up terra cotta “cones” from the local Depot or Lowe’s.  (I think…with this being the middle of summer they may be hard to come by.)

Arizona’s AZCentral has a fantastic article on Vacation Survival For Your Plants.  Hey, they have it a whole lot hotter than I do.  Note to self: buy mulch to help keep moisture in.  “Shady area” though?  On my back porch?  Not bloody likely.  Oh it’s great for growing, but not so great for keeping things cool….

I may give the milk-carton tip a try from gardenguides.com’s How to Water Outdoor Plants While on Vacation.  I just wish I had an outdoor hose attachment; that way I could set it & forget it.  But I guess it’s better this way, since an outdoor spigot would have me wondering if folks were siphoning.  Big city livin’!

Shine has a few other tips on How to Water Outdoor Plants While on Vacation…but a few other articles say the deep trays w/water trick only serves to promote root lock & rotting.  But watering globes sound perfect.  I only wish I’d picked up the set of 8 when they were on super-sale at Woot.

Speaking of backyards, I guess I’ll have to pick up a push-mower.  A 14″ reel should do the trick quite nicely.  They’re on sale now — strangely enough, since it’s peak season — so I can probably snag one for under 90 bucks.  Sweet!  Since I’m waiting on what to do with the backyard ’til I figure out what will happen to Red (I don’t want to put up a fence if the city/owners end up tearing it down or rehabbing it)?  Just letting the grass grow is peachy with me.  Once all is said & done?  I can always Freecycle or Craigslist the mower if I don’t need it anymore.  It’s such a postage-stamp of a back yard, shouldn’t be too difficult to manually mow.  She said hopefully.


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