There are no bunnies in Baltimore.

So, I spent some time at a friend’s house in Potomac while they were away last week/weekend.  And it’s amazing the things I miss.  Like seeing bunnies in the front yard.  Or backyard.  Or anywhere.  Bunnies, chipmunks, woodchucks, deer…and turtles in ponds.  (I even performed a Turtle Rescue when a stripey tried to cross super-busy Seven Locks as I walked to Montgomery Mall….)

Sigh.  Forgot how “green” suburbia can be.  And I miss it.  Though I did cut my grass — okay, crabgrass — this morning, thanks to a freebie push mower from a friend who upgraded.  Love, love, love that mower!

But even though the backyard is green-ish, no wildlife.  Y’know, outside of the rats ’round town.  So?  I need an animal of mine own, I think.  Not a rat.  Though walking a dog around the city sounds great, I’m more of a cat person, so kitteh it is!  I went to the Baltimore shelter, which is staffed by awesome folks that love animals and are happy to show anyone the pets available for adoption whenever you like, but since I’ll be traveling off & on this Summer I feel like I should wait ’til the end of the Summer to adopt a kitten.  That way I also get a few more months of my brand-new furniture without kitten scritches.

Another thing that popped up lately, besides the crabgrass; car thefts.  Last week saw several break-ins to cars in the neighborhood, and as I type this I really hope mine is fine, since I haven’t checked yet today.  I’ve been running on pure, unadulterated luck with that, since I keep a bag of bags in my car at all times.  I’m hoping that my car is banged up enough — sigh — that anyone looking for something to snatch-n-sell won’t think there’s anything of value in there.  Because…well, there isn’t.

But with this info (thanks to SpotCrime), I do have to remember to keep my security system on at all times.  No popping out “real quick”, no “running down the street for a quick sec”, nothing like that without flicking the system on.  I just don’t want to deal with having to repair a door or window break on top of all the other stuff I’ve dealt with.  Again, it’s kind of a bad surprise; it’s a gorgeous house, with not a lot of grade-A stuff in it.  My ManCave tv, a smaller one in my bedroom, and a laptop that is chugging away after 5 years of hard work.

Wow.  Just re-read all that.  I have a nice, good looking house that doesn’t look too shabby inside either (y’know, as long as you don’t mind that the basement isn’t painted)…but very little of worth inside.  Dude, I’m a total poseur!  Awesome.  Where’s my official Kevin Federline ballcap?


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