Millions and millions of millipedes

Well, maybe not millions, but it does make for a groovy post title.

Anyway, I do love me some millipedes.  They’re awfully cute, kinda slow-moving and don’t seem to do much harm.  Still, after seeing them pitter-pat all through the basement?  I figured I’d do a bit of research on ’em, just in case.

From the info on the ‘net (and as you know, if it’s on the interwebs It’s True), millipedes don’t cause problems.  I’ll double-check with one of the keepers the next time I’m at the Invert House for a volunteer shift, but that sounds good to me!

A few links for house-n-home-n-millipedes: — GREAT article, written by a guy who, like me, likes the little critters You don’t have a whole lot to fear from millipedes. For most people they are more of an annoyance than anything, especially if you have a ton of them around.” — another really good article, with info on sowbugs and centipedes as well.  They are not harmful to food, clothes, furniture, or other items within homes, although just their presence can be disturbing. Their preferred habitat is moist, decaying leaf litter or other organic material found around building foundations. When they are found outdoors, we consider them a beneficial group of animals.” — Gardening In Georgia, more tips on control “I have had a millipede problem for about 4 years, every spring/summer for the past 4 they have invaded my space. Just for grins this year I sprinkled a 4 inch wide band of Sevin dust around the entire perimeter of the house. After a couple of days there were thousands of dead millipedes. We still the occassional one but we did have some success fighting the little nuisances.” — As with the other articles, this one says to keep stuff in and around the house dry (since millipedes die quickly without a suitably damp environment).  Water lawns in the am, clean out damp mulch, spray around the perimeter of the house…a lot of common-sense stuff that is easy enough to remember.

But I’m putting it all here anyway.  Y’know, just in case I forget.


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