The stain above the kitchen sink grows….

I noticed what looked like a crack in the ceiling drywall above the sink a few months ago. My home warranty folks (always amazingly on the ball, considering the stories I’ve heard about other companies) sent plumbers out once, twice. Both times the plumbers said it “didn’t look like much”. I’d have to “watch it and see” because they “couldn’t tell where the problem was”. Y’know, til the ceiling collapses or somesuch.

Well, now it’s worse. Now there’s a water stain around one “side” of the crack.

Looks like I’ll have to start demanding action from these stupid plumbers. Or ask the warranty folks to send out a different company.


UPDATE: Called the home warranty folks: they’re sending the plumbers.  The rep said the plumbers may have to cut a hole to see what’s going on…fine!  I just wanna know what’s going kablooey.

She also said that if it’s an issue with improper/failing grout, that’s not covered.  Again, fine.  just wanna know.  But I should grout BOTH tubs before July is out.

In fact, kinda hoping it’s a grout issue. THAT I could deal with.  Right?  Sure.


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