Rats in the walls. Friggin’ great.

So, catching up on my DVR…and midway into Top Chef: Washington DC, I hear it.

Squeaking.  Clawing.  Scratching.


And they’re not over on Red’s side.  They’re on the side with an actual, honest-to-God neighbor.  Who, I’m sure, is just as happy as I am at the prospect of rats invading our homes.

Really, REALLY reconsidering getting a cat right now; how can I get a cat if there’s a serious possibility that rats could come into my house and cause him or her harm.


Why did I move to Baltimore in the first place?  Why???

I’ll tell you.

I did it because my ex-bf told me I’m “a city girl”.  That the city is where I’m most comfortable.  So, instead of looking at places much further out but in the contry/”deep suburbs”, instead of holding on and trying to figure out if this city is truly a good fit, and figuring that if I didn’t buy something Right Now I’d miss my chance again, as I had back in 2000?  I decided to pop for a Balmer city row house.  (Not that he was entirely incorrect; I am a city girl in that I do love walking around DC more than anything.  As anyone would with their hometown.)  I know, I’m an idiot.  Still?  I do think my pad is awesome looking, and much more than I’d expected.  But…yeah.  So?

So now I get worry about my safety, rats in the walls and a crime/murder rate that is astronomical.  That’s on top of the usual problems homeowners face, like having to deal with contractors because the house needs tweaking and general homesick-ness.  And to top it all off?  I’m still far enough away that I don’t see my friends as much as I’d like.

Moving someplace very far away is very tempting right about now.  Someplace further away from mayhem, further away from rats (or at least where they keep to places like barns and such.)  Got 2 1/2 more years to go ’til I repay the Obama money though.

‘Til then?  Rats in the walls and a vacant, crumbling, collapsing building next door that the City could care less about fixing, tearing down or even condemning and citing the owner that ain’t doing squat.

Not wowing me right now, Baltimore.


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