Update: Materwatch — now a’mater-ed.

Remember when I got excited about the blooms Mater sent out?  And then all the tomatoes Mater was throwing out into the world?

Well, since he did his level best to remain alive while I was away, he’s been hard at work ripening those tomatoes.  Yay!  The skins on the little jewels are a bit thick.  But then again so am I.  Shared genetics, I suppose.

I’ve sliced a few on to salads, but the pinnacle of tomato achievement, the cheese-and-tomato sandwich, has not yet been realized.  Jealous?  After these pics you will be.  You.  Will.  Be.

Caveat:  remember, this is a “Patio” tomato plant, so the tomatoes are only supposed to be 2″ max.  Though Mater has blown through that and has given several larger specimens.  Still, nothing that will take up an entire slice of Wonder Bread.  Yet.  Hell, I can always slice several onto a sammich.  It’s been done before.


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