Contractors: can’t live with ‘em, can’t get ‘em to show up.

I decided to hire a contractor to do my grout removal & caulking around my bathtubs.  Y’know, so I could have a professional lay the foundation down.  And so I could see the right way to do it, and so I could rest easy knowing it was done correctly.

I called a few places, got a few estimates, and chose a company.  The guy said they could come over at 9am Monday, but I wasn’t free.  He said 9am Tuesday works great too.

So here it is, Tuesday at 9:45am.  Are they here?  Uh, no.  Why’s that?

Because they called  at 8:04am to say “uh, are you gonna be around all day today?  We might have something coming up today.”

Yes, you do have something coming up today.  The appointment you made to fix MY TUBS.  Turfing my small project to pick up a larger project?  Not cool.

I’m giving them an hour to show — they’re not answering their phones — and then I’m off to the gym.  If I’d known that they “needed” to reschedule earlier?  I would have been fine with that.  I could have done what I wanted earlier.  But now?

Now I’m just ticked.  Apparently good help is hard to find.  To be fair though, I’ve been very lucky with the contractors my warranty folks have been sending out.  Unfortunately though, none of those contractors do tile work.

UPDATE: as soon as I finished typing this?  They called to say they should be here “any minute”.  Cool beans.  Hey, they’re rated A+ at BBB, and their Web site looks really great.  But still?  20 minutes later and no sign of ’em.  If they do show I’ll be watching ’em like a hawk.  They’ve activated my alarm center in my wee brain, so it’s High Alert Mode….  More to follow, if and when they ever show up.

UPDATE 2, The Wrath of Khan: With Murphy’s Law?  The guy showed up right after my whining here.  And did a really nice job, but laid the caulk over the grout (though he did sand a bit beforehand).  He also fixed a nick in the tub.  All for under $270?  Uh, okay — sounds good to me.  Fingers crossed the caulk will last a year!  (Apparently you’ve gotta re-caulk yearly, sigh.  But next time?  I’ll do it myself, now that I have a base done by a professional.)


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