Here kitty kitty…kitty?

There are dog people.  And there are cat people.  So it’s been said, and I have to disagree; I’m a big fan of dogs *and* cats, but unless I’m living in the ‘burbs (or thisclose to a city park)?  It’s kitties all the way for this gal.

I’ve been wanting a new cat for quite a while now, but have been giving myself a “no cats for the first 6 months of your new pad” moratorium on adopting.  (Adopting?  Yeah, you damn skippy; why would anyone go anyplace else but a shelter?  I mean look at all the cuteness!  But that’s a different topic for a different blog.)  Now that 6 months has come and gone, I’m thinking of adopting at the end of the summer.  Mostly because I have a few trips outta town scheduled and I want to make sure I’m not adopting a kitty and then leaving him/her alone for an evening or two.  Not cool.

The question today?  Where will I put the litterbox?  The laundry/sump room is out of the question, because 1) it’s tiny, and 2) washer/dryers — and the dehumidifier, for this house — are loud, obnoxious things, and I hate going near ’em myself.  Can’t expect kitty to head up to one willingly, loo or no loo.

My thought?  Grab a litter box cover.  They have some really cute ones, and I could put it in the ManCave.  Why there?  Well, there are no doors to trap kitty in or out, and let’s face it; I watch entirely too much television, so having it there would mean I’d see it every single day.  Which is a big aid to scooping every single day.  So, win!

A few places to remember to check, once I’m all set:

* Catsplay, which has amazing stuff.  Pretty expensive, but oh holy wow the stuff is incredible.  I like the Refined Litterbox and the Modern Contemporary, but a simple pop-up tent-like contraption is groovy too, from a finance standpoint.  Dunno if a kitty would like an all-in-one sleep/eat/loo station though; in my experience they like to keep all that separated.  Just like the song.

* The Pet House/Litterbox Cover/Nightstand is nice, and I like the storage area for other stuff (much like the Refined ‘box).  The Pet Studio is also pretty…well, pretty.

* Stuff that doesn’t cost a couple hundred smackers?  Uh, there’s a Booda igloo-looking thing that could work, and there are several house-like things you can pop on top of the litter box (or I think that’s how they’re used.)  Chateau Looey is my personal favorite, for name alone.  WalMart has a version of a wicker box-like thing that collapses when not in use, so I may look seriously at that.

I’m getting the idea that I’m either gonna part with a chunka change, or grab something cheapy but cute enough, then trade up later?  Because honestly, I’m thinking furniture.  Of course I am.  Because I need to put more stuff in this place.

Let’s not even get me started on scratching posts & kitty condos….  This place is gonna be Single Lady With Cat in no time.  Single, and gonna be that way for a while, by the vibe my place’ll be throwing out when all is said and done.

UPDATE: Oh wait!  I have one of those IKEA “collapsable pet tent” jobbies, I’d be that’d do for a short-time litterbox cover (and for a “I’ve got company, 2nd loo upstairs” cover).  I was just going to use it as a pet bed (all hidden & cozy for an unsure new kitty) but….


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