Painting the basement walls has begun!

It’s a small rowhouse, you say. Shouldn’t take but an hour or two, you say. Ah, but you underestimate the complete and total laziness I tend to live with every single day. But today was the day I’d at least start things up, downstairs.

I used the remainder of the Baked Scone from the lower stairway to do one side of the basement hall wall. I do like the not-quite-dark beige look of this color! Even though it’s not a huge difference, it brings a nice contrast to the off-white ceiling(which is something the looooow ceiling down here totally needs.)

While hanging out at my favorite joint (that’d be the Home Depot, second only to HomeGoods. Damn I’m old) I saw a paint edger made by the same company that makes my telescoping paintbrush handle. I’d say exactly which one but I’m too lazy to check; peep it in the pic. Best 4 bucks & change I’ve spent in awhile! Now the stairway paint job has kinda-finished looking edges where it meets the ceiling!

Back to laziness. *happysigh*


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