Paint paint friggin’ paint.

Well, it’s official: I hate painting now. Not just dislike, but actual grumbling-under-my-breath-even-though-paint-is-inanimate hate.

But I do like the Renoir Bisque though. I thought it would be too dark at full strength, but my local Depot paint dude didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked for 25% lighter. So I figured go with the full strength…and it fits in with the Baked Scone without looking like too violent a change from wall to wall.

The ceilings look horrible though. So does the trim. Because I got (lazy) cocky and ix-nay’ed the painters tape. The putty knife/sponge method is great for edging, but only in bits. (At least for me anywho.) But I do need to do the trim, smudges or no.

Smudgy ceilings & trim is what I get for watching umpteen hours of HGTV/DIY Network and figuring I aquired the skill to freehand it, sans tape, through osmosis.

Good thing I kept those 2 gallons of ceiling paint the contractors left behind, huh? Um, yeah.


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