Oh the kitten and the houseplants should be friends

Sorry, Oklahoma on the brain.  But it’s true; one shouldn’t have to sacrifice houseplants for a beloved furry creature.  Right?  Yeah.

But…that doesn’t mean that buying a bunch of foxglove and leaving the pots all around the house is a great idea either.  So, before I bring furry darlings into Chez Couchon?  I’m doing my research.

But, you ask, shouldn’t you know a whole lot about plants & cats; haven’t you had cats for an eternity and a day?  Good question, but simple answer.  When I lived with roommates, I didn’t garden/house-garden as much as I do now.  Didn’t want to strew plants all over a pad that wasn’t entirely mine.  But now?  Katie bar the door, baby.

The best info I’ve heard is about pointsettias.  Apparently the holiday-friendly pointsettia isn’t as deadly poisonous as people once believed.  Oh, they’re “mildly toxic”, but a kitty has to narf down a whole bunch before the real toxicity kicks in.  And apparently the urge to purge hits animals long before that.  (And I have that info straight from a vet student’s mouth, and she’s a friend — and awesome — so I believe her.)

Researching this topic brings a slew o’ info to my eager eyes, much of which I’ll link to here so I’ll remember where I found what.

Best in Show: Cat Fancier’s Assiciation’s list of non-toxic plants.  They’ve got a list of toxic plants too, just in case you need to check.  Because not everything is deadly nighshade, so it’s best to eye this one if you have any questions.  (Luckily my plants?  Pass with flying colors.  Go me!)

The kitties I’ve decided to visit (and will hopefully bring home in less than a month!) are older cats, so I’ve read up on how to help a senior cat adjust to a new house.  Stanford Cat Network has a great link to all sorts of info on how to best make a new addition comfy.

I’m thinking that the second bedroom will be “Cat Central”.  I can put in a litterbox, food and water, and it already has a bed that can be used as a perch to check out the window action.  It’s also across the hall from my room so I can pop in at any time for a bit of socialization, and I can make sure all’s well just by listening in.

Furry companions.  Ain’t life grand?


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