Wow.  Has it been nine months in Chez Couchon already?  Time flies….

And I’ve been decorating — well, tinkering really — like a crazy person.  And keep those all-too-easy sassy comments to yourself; I know.

Bought a 4×4 Expedit at the IKEA As-Is section.  Not bad for $28!  It’s a bit scratched on the bottom (who cares) and on the side (nothing a bit of polish-pen can’t cure) but I figure at that price if I get tired of it or if I find I don’t like how cramped everything looks, I can always Freecycle or Craigslist it with a clear conscience.

I’ve also put up a wall mural in the postage-stamp upper bath.  Again, it’s an IKEA jobbie, but it looks pretty fab.  Considering I don’t have an artistic bone in my bod?  Yeah, pretty darn fab.

Prepping the homestead for the arrival of kittehs: Zoe & Lily will be making their grand appearance Sunday the 12th.  Why then?  Well, I’m off to OBX for a mini-vacay and that gives me plenty of time to recup post-trip and fully enjoy the Pigtown Festival September 11th without worrying about leaving newly adopted felines home alone and frightened by all the newness.  I’m planning on hanging in with them for several days, and then not going anywhere outside of B’more for several weeks.  Pictures, you say?  Oh yes.  There will be pictures.

But for now, enjoy the new Expedit & mural.  Yes, they’re cruddy cell phone shots, but I’m off to a pre-OBX happy hour tonight & want to skedaddle.  Tada!


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