Two-for-Thursday, or why my mortgage is going up.

Yep, two posts in one night.  I’m amazing!  Uh, yeah.  Anyway….

Got a note from my mortgage loan folks, telling me that my escrow was short over $400 and that because of this?  My mortgage would be going up.  By almost $60 a month!

Okay, ten bucks of that will be due to the increases in taxes (a good thing; higher property taxes = the ‘hood movin’ up), but the rest?  My homeowner’s insurance rising like a huge rising thing.

Seems like my homeowner’s insurance folks misquoted the yearly premium to my title company.  So the HUD1 homeowner’s insurance amount is almost $200 less than “it should be”.  And this year it’ll be…well, $200 bucks more.  Combine the two, and that makes a chunk of change that I’ve got to 1) repay to escrow and 2) pay out monthly from now on.  My title folks said I should take a peek around, just to see if I can get a better rate.  I told them I just may tell my homeowner’s insurance folks that since they sent an official letterhead-topped quote for the HUD1 that the amount due?  Is they’re big problem, not mine.

I’m dying to talk to someone about this, but the one fellow homeowner I trust, opinion-wise?  Not really talking to me right now.  Not my fault.  (Believe me?  You really shouldn’t.)  Anywho, looks like one of my 30 Days Hath September “do new things” thing will be  Putting On Big Girl Panties.  I feel slightly nauseated; acting like an adult and dealing with Big Stuff was never a strong suit of mine.

Though on the plus side?  I do have a very cool agent at said homeowner’s insurance company who promised to dig around and figure out what’s going on (he’s also sending me some Panera gift certificates he said came into the office, just as a show of good faith/vibes/coolness on his part, which is rather nice I must say.)  Also, I’ve got a copy — courtesy of my title company wonderwoman — of what my homeowner’s insurance folks sent to them, complete with the lower number in all of it’s now-known-as-incorrect glory.

Is it too much to hope that I won’t get beaned for over $400 and this will sort out painlessly?  Ah who cares, I’m hoping anyway!


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