Who are the people in my nay-boor-hood?

The people thatcha meet each day!?

Yes, I’m a fully grown adult that sings Mr. Rogers.  Don’t judge me.  Or at least don’t tell me about said judging, and we’ll be all peachy-like.

Everyone who finds out I live in Pigtown says “it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood”!  And I’ve always blushed a little and said yes, it’s really movin’ on up.  One of the things that is super-groovy about Pigtown is art.  There are a few galleries here in Pigtown; Gallery 788 and, as of tonight’s Grand Opening, 21g.  They kinda bookend Perfecto Coffee House at the 700 Block of Washington Boulevard, and tonight’s shindig had people literally pouring out of the doors, bopping from one gallery to the other.

Every first Thursday Gallery 788 has an opening that showcases the art that will be on offer all month.  This go-round it’s a 2x2x20 show; gallery space is available in 2×2 foot blocks, for $20 a pop.  With that kind of dirt-cheap space, there was a slew of different kind of art; jewelry, photography, decoupage and paintings all co-exist as if they were all meant to be there.  A few of my personal faves tonight:

* The wish-they-were-real-but-they’re-not horror movie poster photography from 13th Hour Photography

* Love Rocks from Lizzie Spaceship…you know I had to buy one of these, right?

* Paula A Ibey‘s fantastic Japanese newspaper paintings (gotta go back and snag one of these….)

* Tammy Vitale‘s necklaces.  Love.

*And the awesome DJ stylin’ of Mark Dennis (not to mention his photography, but hey I love the muzak.)

As for 21g, the sculptures from Jim Hendricks make me wish I had more funds (and he’s from my old ‘hood, Silver Spring; bonus!)  If I went a bit darker with my decor I’d love one of David Padworny‘s paintings — they remind me of Clive Barker’s work in a very, very good way.

Now I’m kicking back at Chez Couchon, hoping that OBX will be just fine.  Mostly because I don’t like to see places torched by acts of weather, but since I’m planning on hitting Kill Devil Hills this weekend?  Uh, yeah.

Off to grab a chunk of Beer Butt Chicken; my attempt at trying something new every day in September, ala my friends at SquirlyGirlies.  Mmm, chicken.  Tastes like…chicken.


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