Escrow: part 2 (or how State Farm equals shady)

So, it’s been two weeks since Terrence the Insurance Guy said I’d be getting a credit for the amount they erroneously took from my escrow account (Behind My Back, while telling me that “everything was fixed” and it was “their error”).

No response from State Farm.  Nothing.  Oh, and you’re wondering why I’m suddenly using the name of my insurance company?  Because if you treat your customers like garbage/borderline idiots, I have no problem calling you out on it.

Ahem.  Anyway.

On Monday I wrote an e-mail to Terrence telling him in no uncertain terms that since he promised a check for the amount State Farm took out — and since he said that it was their error and since I have documentation from my title company to that effect — this needs to be resolved in my favor toot-sweet.

No response from Terrence.  Seems that one of my attorney friends is correct; my agent acts very nice but in fact does not have my interests at heart.

So?  Filed a complaint through State Farm’s Web site, and will follow up with a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, the Maryland Insurance Administration and I’m going to forward information on how State Farm took money out of my escrow to pay an amount they said was in error on their part to my State Senator (go Babs!)

Meanwhile, my mortgage will be going up almost $60 a month.

You know I’ll be shopping for a new insurance carrier, right?  I can’t trust a company that says one thing, then goes behind my back and does another…then says they’ll fix it and just plain don’t.


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