This one day? At bedbug camp?

Today was Day One of Baltimore City’s Bed Bug Response Program, and I decided to hit their Kick-Off chatfest.  Why?  Because tiny little things the size of apple seeds scare the crap out of me.  There, I said it.  It’s not pretty, but I own it.

And what did we learn today, kiddies?

* Bed bugs don’t spread disease, though if you strike the Motherlode of bug bites and have a compromised immune system (because you’re a kid, or older, or have an illness/medication schedule that does that to you) the bites could get infected.

* These little suckers can hide/squirm into and out of cracks the thickness of a credit card.  But as Integrated Pest Management Program Manager/total cutie Michael Boeck said today, they don’t fly or jump, they crawl.  So?  Caulk, stat! (And it’s official: I need to start dating again.  Just sayin’.)

* This problem has been ramping up since ’06, and as you might expect things in Bed-Bug-Land have exploded before.  And been beaten before.  Take that, tiny creepy things!

* Foggers & bombs?  Only piss ’em off.  Okay, not really.  But since said creepy things can hide in credit-card tinyspaces?  They only cause Le Bug of Bedness to scatter.  Like, all over your house.  Uh, ew.

Baltimore City’s main line on bed bugs?  Don’t Panic.  (I think every time they say that Douglas Adams gets a nickle.)  They don’t spread disease and we’ve kicked their butts before?  Sounds like little mini Al Qaeda to me.  What?

If you want to know more about bed bugs (and I know you do), here’s the official 411 from Baltimore City.  Throwing in this B’more City Health Department link too, just for kicks.

What else is new?

1) New plant!  After reading about houseplants you (meaning black-thumb-having me) can’t kill, I fell in love with a little Haworthias Fasciata I saw at Home Depot’s $1.98 mini-plant section.

2) Red may be going into foreclosure!!!  As much as I hate celebrating someone else’s bad luck, since this person has had absolutely no interest in maintaining this property?  I can only hope that it does indeed hit auction and get snapped up by someone who will rehab it.  In fact, I saw a couple of local home-rehab guys scope the place out.  Fingers crossed!!!

3) Dreaming of a new, better ManCave!  I’ve tried to live with what I’ve got, but since right now I can’t do hardwoods in the main room or fence the backyard?  And since TV prices are slated to go waaaaay down later this year?  I may go for it.  Or I may just try to get the built-ins built-in and deal with my perfectly good, still working  very well Samsung that I already have (but that is nom-ing valuable ManCave floorspace).

4) Kitteh pictures!


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