Kitty no-no.

Okay, it never rains but it pours.  Seems when I’m at my most exhausted is when things start rolling at me, top-speed.

Looks like the kitties have decided the “sofa table” area near the front door is *the* place to pee, outside of their litterbox.


Since I have a deviated septum, smells don’t register as strongly for me.  But I kept getting a weird whiff every now and then.  So I bought one of those mini black lights and voila!  Pee.

Under the sofa table.

Next to the sofa table.

“Behind” the front door.

I picked up a bottle of pet-stain remover from Petco, but I have no idea if it’ll really get everything out.  And right now I can’t afford to rent a carpet cleaner.  (Besides, I don’t know if it’d even be worth renting one since the urine is up against the wall, carpet-wise.  It’s probably down deep.  Dammit.)

I remember waaaaay back when, my ex-hub got a huge dose of resentment from my cat Bimbo (hey, Bim earned his name, trust me)…all over his beloved field jacket.  I freaked out, trying to figure out how to clean it.  But a hot-hot washing mashine date —  with an entire bottle of Pin- Sol added to the wash cycle — did the trick.  So basically I may try the Pine-Sol method if this pet stain remover doesn’t work.

I love these kitties, and I hope that it was some sort of fubar on their part.  And by their I mean Lily, since it’s her face I see every time I find a spot.

But I’m exhausted and of limited resources.  VERY limited.

I thought cats were supposed to lower your blood pressure???

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.



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