Trash day? Got that right.

I headed out to my favorite store (that’d be Home Depot, now that I own a house and Ann Taylor Loft doesn’t do housewares) to buy a pimped-out trashcan.  I figure with the rats, the plastic one with the gnawed out hole on the bottom?  Won’t cut it.  And I’m getting too lazy to continue dropping off trash.

Bright, shiny trashcan — yaaaaaaay!  It’s a pain to get it on/off my deck, where I keep it since I have no fenced yard (yet).  But I like the ease of dropping the trash outside, rather than waiting ’til I drive it to drop-off.  Plus, with the kitties?  Yeah, keeping old litter in a kitchen trashcan?  Uh, no.

This morning I was psyched to see the trash men come & grab up my new can, with the three trash bags tightly knotted inside.

But they didn’t come ’til later in the afternoon.  And when they did, they left this behind:

Trash day October 6 2010
Oh look. From tightly bound trash bags in a can to...crap all over the backyard.

Awesome.  No wonder many city folks don’t care much about the trash; if the Waste Management folks can’t even empty a can with closed, knotted bags without spilling stuff all over the place?  Huh.

To distract myself, I’ve decided to play with paints for the “nook” (read: bump-out)  in the master bedroom.   I’m thinking blue-grey-greenish.  So far, the contenders are as follows:

* Hallowed Hush (which actually looks darker on the wall, with the sample I picked up)

hallowed hush
hallowed hush

* Agave


* Blue Agave

blue agave
blue agave

* Dragonfly


I like the Hallowed Hush in the flyer they have at the Depot, but it’s not as grey-green on the walls.  It’s just kinda TaDa Blue.  But we’ll see.  Of course, painting the nook would mean moving the hideously heavy IKEA bed (and how is something that is just metal tubing so friggin’ heavy?)  So perhaps just one wall to start.

Now?  Off to put up some Halloween-ness.  Yay October!


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