Easy-peasy drywall patch DIY and…cookies!

Phew.  In my push to accomplish some sorta something here at Chez Couchon, I’ve tuckered myself out.

First?  Went out to the Depot to grab a mini-pot of each of the paint colors I’ve been deciding on.  Instead of blurping out my initial thoughts as gospel, I will live with the test patches for a few days, then blurp away.  I know; exciting, right?

Second, I decided to try to patch a hole in the drywall that leaves a gaping crack-gap-thing at the edge of my kitchen switchplate.  Bought some “patch tape” and went at it….

It was a lot easier than I anticipated.  Since I forgot to take a pic of the tape laying over the crack without drywall spackle all over it?  You’ll have to trust me when I say I had no hope of the tape holding on to anything, let alone enough spackle to fill that cracky-gap.  But fill it did!

Okay, so now that the paint has dried it looks a little, well, webby in the upper right hand corner.  Which means another coat of spackle.  Which is fine because I went a little too gung-ho in trying to put the switchplate up and ended up nicking the patch & paint a little, like a cut-rate manicure.  (Or a top-notch manicure for that matter, since I’ve always been klutzy with nail polish.)

I also did a bit of Halloween decorating, and put up some posters on the basement long wall.  But since I have no earthly idea how to set up more than one slideshow/gallery, they’ll have to be different posts….

To celebrate, I decided to bake some cookies.  Chocolate-chip cranberry pecan cookies.  Because I wanted cookies.  And so, yay.

I have a gallery show opening night at Gallery 788 to see tonight, as well as a consignment sale a friend is helping out with/unloading at.  But y’know?  I think tonight will be a sit-at-home-with-cookies-and-kitties night.  This weekend will be absolutely jam-packed busy, so I’ll take a rest anytime I can get it.

It’ll also free me up to research a bit on carpet cleaners.  Dammit.



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