Enter the mechanical calvary!

So, Lily decided that she was gonna Kitty No No the front wall by the front door.  And an entire bottle of Nature’s Miracle for Cats barely put a dent in the stain and odors (other folks swear by it, and I saw a video a friend posted on Facebook that made an absolutely huge bloodstain on her carpet disappear in less than 20 seconds.  But me?  Not so much, the stains are too set-in….)

After my initial freakout, as is my wont, I figured charging a carpet cleaner would be the way to go.  But, lo!  A friend sent me a Pet SpotBot as an early birthday prezzie!  Love, love, love the idea that I can set it and have it do the scrubbing.  Again, since the stains are set-in, even a repeat go-over of each stain area didn’t completely remove the scent.  Luckily said friend will be coming over this weekend to meet the kitties and help me with sniff-testing.  If all else fails?  Pay a professional, and/or get that carpet torn up and replaced.  I could probably do it myself (there are tons of sites that tell you exactly how to do it), and since I want to put hardwoods down anyway?  It’d be a perfect DIY project for me to try, since even if I completely FUBAR it?  It’s getting replaced in a year or two!


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