More, more, more.

Two more pee stations from Lily.  At least I think it’s Lily, since she’s the one that always comes around when I “find” a place she’s marked.

As with the other sites, these two are up against the wall, under and next to the Expedit sofa table I have pushed against the long wall in the Front Room.

And, as with the other sites, they’re dry and aren’t really affected by the SpotBot because they’re right up against the wall, and the SpotBot can’t get it all up.  I whack at it with the hose and depress the spray button to get it good & soaked though!

I.  Do.  Not.  Want to be the Crazy Cat Lady!  I’m already over 40 and single with two cats, don’t need the house smelling like a bad episode of Hoarders.  I’d rather it smell like cookies.  Coooooookies.

A few sites on pet urine and how to deal:

CSI Ballard: Cat Pee Investigations Unit: An eye-opening YouTube video on how to check out cat urine stains with a black light; this is kind of what I see when I “shine a light” (well, the last marking spot by the guys entertainment center is pretty much the size of the stains I’m dealing with….)  Great links to other Kitty No No videos that I’ll have to peek at later.

Dealing with Cat Urine Spraying from Pet Shed

A recipe to remove cat urine from Cats of Australia…and just in case the site ever goes bye-bye (perish the thought!):

1) Baking Soda
2) White Vinegar
3) Dishwashing Detergent
4) 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

* Mix a solution: 1/2 vingar, 1/2 water
* Thoroughly saturate the area (getting down to the root of the carpet fibers!)
* Dry off the area as much as possible (use a wet/dry vac if you’ve got one)
* Put down a handful of baking soda, then drizzle the soda with a mix of 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide + 1 tsp liquid dish detergent
* Work in the soda/peroxide mix into the carpet with a stiff brush (or your rubber-gloved fingers)
* Allow to dry, then vacuum up!

Home Life Weekly and eHow have similar “recipes”, so I’m gonna try this out…as soon as I buy white vinegar. I’ve got apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, rice wine vinegar, basalmic vinegar.  No plain-ol’ vinegar.  Egads, I really need to stock up on my home staples!

Scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub….


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