Weatherstripping paranoia & Baltimore elections

Since there’s nothing I like better than to freak myself out about projects around the house/money I’ll be spending on the house (*cough*brokenjacuzzijetsdagnaibit*cough*), I figured I’d research eco-friendly/energy saving options for the home now that the cooler weather is creeping in.  I figure start small, with weatherstripping and window films.

All this started because the Depot sent me a how-to video on weatherstripping.  Now I’m roaming the house, checking windows and doors.  Earlier this month I tried to do some of that foam sealant-in-a-can stuff, and all I can say is: ew.  Sticky, ooky, not-cooperative ew.  Now I have weird shaving-cream like stuff all over the front window, except it’s rock-hard(ish).  I figure I’ll get a stiff brush and scrub as much of it off of the window sill as I’m able (yes, I got it on the window sill.  I’m me, and that means I’m not exactly accurate with a spray can).  And then I’ll pay someone to caulk for me.  Why?  Because I figure I’ll need to have the top two windows done too — the back windows are done thanks to the vinyl siding I had put up earlier this year — so why not pay someone to do ’em all?  She asked naively.

I’m also considering plastic inside-sealing on the windows but I wonder about my ability to open the windows.  Yeah, I know; it’s winter, why would I open a window?  But you never know.  Once I get over that paranoia, I’m sure I’ll be fine.  And I’ll come back to this window weatherstripping video to help me with that.  (Though I won’t be doing the sliding glass door, since that’s my only door to the back….)  There’s a ton of weather-seal stuff on the market, and I start to drool every time I see a list.

As far as window films go, my main drool-worthy item is a privacy film.  Y’know, one that lets you see out, but gives folks a nice view of themselves/a black box when they look at your window.  I prefer the mirrored look to the all-black window, but if the black is more energy efficient I may just go with that.  I’d also like UV protection, since I almost never put on sunscreen when I spend a day reading in my room with the windows open.  (Oops.)

There are many, many, MANY window films, from clear to frosted to “stained glass” .  I love the idea of the “bomb blast” film, though unless Michael Bay ends up visiting I think I’m okay with the basic home products.  Some guides tell you to put the film on the outside of the window, and some folks tell you to put it inside.  My question; if you put it outside, what’s to stop folks from ripping off your film from your first floor windows?  Again, I’d like to thank Paranoia for coming in today and helping me with this post.

Now, before I lose all perspective and start storing bodily fluids in jars, on to voting in my new ci-tay.  As usual I can’t understand 90% of the ballot measures (aka “the questions we vote on”).  But now, thanks to the interweb, I found Ballotpedia.  Though it isn’t as thorough as the Gazette I used to get back in MoCo, it does break down the Maryland “questions” pretty well.  I only wish there was a site that showed me the Baltimore City measures!  Because all this borrowing the City wants to do?  Worries me.  But if I don’t vote for ’em, museums, parks and the National Aquarium get gypped.  Decisions, decisions!

I know what’ll help; more Halloween candy.  It’s not just for breakfast anymore.  And, if things go well, I may get some more for free tomorrow, courtesy of the Baltimore Sun….  Okay, they’re looking for folks to play dress-up tomorrow for the Halloween issue.  And I’m all for it!  Fingers crossed they’ll contact me, because I’m game for anything.

Oh — one more thing!  My to-die-for thingamabob of the week?  A wall-mount fireplace.  It’d go right on the “wall” of my ManCave shelf, underneath where a flat-screen will be one of these days.  So groovy, aren’t they?  And after last winter?  I know I’ll need one.  Screw preventing energy leaks; off to drool!


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