I won a pig!

Remember how I said I might be doing some costume wearing for Baltimore Sun?  Well, I am not the most on-Web person, so I’m assuming they found other folks to do the Halloween costume stuff.  But, it’s okay.  Y’know why?

Won a pig.


At tonight’s Pigtown Happy Hour at the new Caribbean restaurant Steel Drum Cafe on Washington Boulevard, they had a raffle.  The raffle is to help raise funds for the Pigtown Holiday Party, so we can give gifts to the kids in the neighborhood.  Yay, right?  Totally yay!  So I bought a few raffle tickets and figured that’d be my donation.

But…I won!  A pig!  An adorable pig that is almost the size of Miss Lily.  It’s on my Billy bookcase in the front room, underneath the pig picture that I got as a housewarming prezzie from Pigtown earlier this year.

I’m even happier thanks to the WAY strong drink I had at the Cafe.  I can’t exactly remember what was in the “Howling” (or was that “Howler”?  Dunno.) But it was kinda minty with the Creme De Menthe and neon blue with the Blue Curacao…and I nursed it for the full two hours.  Not because I was limiting myself, but because it was that much of a liquor punch.  In a very good way.  At the bottom were to maraschino cherries, giving the look of two eyeballs at the bottom of the glass.  Kewl!

Here are a few pics from the happy hour, taken from my poor abused cell phone.  Next phone?  Will have a flash.  Trust.


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