How to celebrate birthdays, new-homeowner-style.

No, today isn’t my birthday.  It’s tomorrow.  But I’ll be too (drunk) busy (drinking and eating sugary goodness) to really blog on the day, so here goes.

Remember birthdays when you were a kid?  All pony rides and 5 pounds of icing.  You wore a cowboy hat/astronaut helmet/ballerina tiara and hit the town.  But when Carvel/Chuck E. Cheese wrapped, you were snuggled in bed by 8pm with your latest toy.  Pretty sweet.

Now?  Okay, maybe there’s still 5 pounds of icing.  I can buy anything I want, food-wise, I’m an adult now.  But no pony rides.  No fluffy wrapped presents.  Not because they’re not available, but because as a homeowner I’m grooving on other things.  This year, in honor of the anniversary of my 29th birthday, I:

* caulked around the doors and windows to seal the gaps I didn’t even realize were there ’til a friend told me she had to do the same.  (And caulking was MUCH easier than I anticipated!)

* put up some drywall tape and spackle around a botched electrical outlet opening in the kitchen.  That ragged hole that pokes past the outlet cover has been driving me nuts, so today was the day I got that slapped on.  I’ll probably sand it later tonight but leave painting for next week.

* hit IKEA and bought double-rod curtain hangers (for my winter-weight quilted curtains I scored last summer at Target for 75% off) and Ivar support rods.  Why?  Because I…

* spiffed up my Swamp Room.  Considering all the years I’ve had Ivar shelves, I’m embarrassed to say that I only just figured out that these shelves fit perfectly in the tiny cramped spaces in that room.  I wanted to ditch the storage shelf I originally bought, but since it’s still fine (and since I felt greedy and guilty for spending money on new shelves when I had workable-if-cumbersome shelves already) I decided to wait a bit.  Like ’til I get a tax refund early next year.  She said hopefully.

The Swamp Room looks much better, I’ve gotta admit!

Front view
Front view: with the sewer pipes
Side view
Side view: feels much more open!
More room between shelves & w/d
More room between shelves & w/d!

Of course, it hasn’t been all sweat and anal-retentive shuffling of storage stuffs.  I managed to crank out some “skullcakes” for tomorrow.

Skullcakes n icing
Skullcakes n icing

I grabbed these a few years back at a post-Halloween clearance, and I love ’em!  Though a few of them look a bit like zombie skulls, what with the chunks missing.  That’s not the fault of the pans, it’s the fault of the baker who couldn’t wait to take a peek.  As you might guess I have a bucketload of leftover icing.  So…score!

Tonight, I’ll be relaxing and celebrating Veteran’s Day by finally catching a few episodes of The Pacific.  Okay, and maybe downing a skullcake.  Or two.

Tomorrow it’s off to the MVA to renew my license (yuk.  And I love my picture on this license!)  And as much as I want to do one last bit of caulking at the bottom of my master bedroom window, I’ll probably head out to a movie.  But I’ll be thinking of caulk….


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