I haz turkey! Or, Thanksgiving in 3 hours or less.

Sure, I could have been a bit more on-schedule with the whole “Merry Thanksgiving” thing.  But thanks to a hellacious Black Friday flu that still has me bargaining with my throat so it doesn’t crumble to dust, I’ve been otherwise occupied.  *kaff*

I did do the turkey thing.  Yes, I visited the fam, ate too much and took hideously bad pictures of myself that now are all over my Facebook profile page.  Because nothing says family like hideous pictures from holiday get-togethers.  But I decided to cook my own turkey too, since I’ve never actually cooked one all on my own before.  And it wasn’t that bad!

Sure I cheated.  Of course I cheated!  If you’ve ever read this blog before you know how hideously lazy I can be.  So I used a Reynolds bag and popped the sucker into the oven, easy-peasy.  It may have been Black Friday in the malls, but it was Delicious Turkey Day at Chez Couchon.

With some Stove-Top stuffing (hey, I like that stuff) that I pimped out with dried cranberries, mushrooms & chopped pecans, along with sweet potatoes I nuked, then mashed with ginger (thank you Patrick’s of Pratt, for turning me on to that tasty treat) and cran-in-a-can (again, I like the weird can-ness of the red goo of goodness) all was well.  All done in 3 hours, the time it took for the turkey to get good and cooked.  I popped open a bottle of bubbly, turned on my DVR and got to work on the eatin’.

The twist on this year’s bird?  I stuffed some sage from my abnormally huge sage plant under the skin of the turkey.  I’d seen Martha Stewart do it, and if she does it, it’s good enough for me.  (Except jail time.  I look horrible in bright orange.  Trust.)  It was a whole lot easier than I’d expected it to be, though there were parts of the turkey that really didn’t want the skin lifted up.  The turkey looked all sortsa pretty, and the gravy I made with the drippings (that I refrigerated first so I could scoop off most of the fat) was super-tasty.  I also dumped a baggie of organic baby carrots into the turkey bag before cooking, so the gravy got a good dose of beta-carotene.  Yay orange gravy!

Pictures?  Hell yes there are.

Hope your Thanksgiving was merry and bright.  Oh wait…ah, yeah.  Happy (very belated) Thanksgiving to all!

P.S.: finally started the painting in my bedroom “nook”…pictures & post to follow!


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