Holidayness. And cookies!

I’m having a hard time trying to keep my “don’t buy any Christmas stuff ’til it all goes on sale 12/26” rule.  I picked up a few LED light strings at the Depot when they were $1.98 a strand…I hit HomeGoods for a $6 runner & a Christmas/Santa wall art thingy.

But I want more.  More!

So I’ll be headed out to check out other people’s stuff this weekend.  Got the holiday party hop going Friday and Saturday — always a good way to check out the lights and visit with good friends — but I found out about a local Baltimore tradition that’ll be happening on Sunday.  The Union Square Cookie Tour.  Who knew?  Walking around, visiting the pretty houses…and cookies?  Awesome.  Totally blowing off a brunch for this.

What I love the most about this?  It’s ONLINE!!!  As in, there’s an absolutely gorgeous  Web site for the neighborhood, and even an ability to pay for the Tour through PayPal!!!  One of the biggest bummers in this area is the complete and total lack of Web presence.  Sure, there are Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for some stuff, but they’re either ghost sites, or they’re not updated with any kind of regularity.  And if they are, the events are mentioned the week of, when most folks have already made plans.  So being able to get the word out to other folks in a timely fashion is impossible.  I tried my best to give my totally free volunteerage, but nobody wants help.  (Or at least my help…. *g*)

Anyway.  I’ve shilled myself (and my +10 years of advertising/marketing/writing/PR experience) for almost a year, and now it stops.  Now?  Time to kick it and let it be.  Which is sad, because there are many folks like me, people that moved here but don’t know what’s going on and are looking for community…that have to look in other areas of the city in order to find it.

Enough of my soapboxing.  Holiday dressup, featuring my fantastic 0.99 tree and a full-sized stand.  Hey, what are the holidays without goofy stuff?  No fun, that’s what!


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