I haz gingerbread house!

No, I didn’t do any weird DIY.  I mean I actually assembled & decorated one!  See?

House o' Ginger!
House o' Ginger!

I picked it up as a boxed kit from…oh, can’t remember, but a whole bunch of stores have ’em.  Since I’m a candy whore, I had to pick up more candy for the decorating I wanted to do.  I picked up some of those sour leather-like candies and snipped ’em for shingles, and some pretzel M&M’s just because I wanted chocolate and they sounded yummy (they are.)

Luckily the cats couldn’t care less about the house, which is awesome.  I, however, care a great deal.  So now it’s missing a huge chunk of roof.  *urp*

But it still makes the “real” house a bit more festive.  Yay holiday decorating…and eating!


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