Trash: boo. Cupcakes: YAY!

The week between Christmas and New Year’s kinda feels like a Lame Duck week, where the year just doesn’t want to do anything ’cause the new one is thisfrackinclose.  Or maybe I’m just lazy.  That could be it.

So instead of doing a bit of Oshogatsu clean-up?  I decided to walk over to the Landmark Harbor East to catch The King’s Speech, which I absolutely loooooooooved.

Walking there was a big downer though.  With the hideous winds (I almost got lifted up with a few of the gusts before I got to Harborplace!)  kicking up all sorts of stuff, it all seems to get deposited on my block.  We must be some sort of trash-collection wind tunnel.  Yech.

But after a fan-tastic movie (and a bit of sneaked-in mochi for a snick-snack), a Circulator ride home (and this particular driver blew by the MLK Blvd stop, again), I saw a light of happiness; the bakery in Pigtown is now open!!!

Tasty Creations Bakery looks really good inside, with clean, newly-painted walls, all sorts of chrome baking wonderment…and some pretty awesome cupcakes in the glass bakery-holding things.  But I grabbed a little mini-foldover cherry pie.  I’d show you what it looked like, but I’ve already eaten it.  Very tasty!  I’ll have to go back for more yummy later.  They have one of the most intriguing things I’ve ever seen, bakery-wise; Radio/Radial Bars.  These things look like chocolate-covered wonderfullness in eclair-like bar form, and it’s only a matter of time ’til I get my hands on one.  I’ll have to be very careful walking by this place, with my whole “avoiding unhealthy fats” thing I’ve got going on.  Sigh.

The woman who sold me my pie said they’ll be selling coffee, tea & hot cocoa soon…hope that doesn’t put a crimp in Perfecto’s stride.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a symbiotic relationship will spring between the two places.  Perfecto has good espresso, Tasty Creations has, well, tasty creations.  What’s not to love?

Yet another step toward Pigtown awesomeness!


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