9th District, National Aquarium-ness & closet pimpin’

Pigtown is carved up into three districts here in Baltimore City: the 9th District, which includes a chunk of West Baltimore, the 10th District, which, outside of a piece of Pigtown, is almost entirely Federal Hill; and the 11th District, which includes Bolton Hill and Barre Circle.  Now this is my attempt to generalize, so apologies to neighborhoods I’m sure I’ve omitted.  The reason I’ve generalized like this is simple; that’s how the City Council members look at these districts.  Any neighborhoods outside of their “normal” stomping grounds?  Get short shift at the very best.  Pigtown?  Gets a passing glance by the members covering the 10th & 11th district, along with shrugged shoulders at community meetings and “well, I guess I could see what I could do, but I really cover…” as the only “help” to be expected.

As you might guess, I’m a big fan of redistricting.  But ’til then?  Agnes Welch, the only City Councilperson I’ve ever spoken to that seems to actually listen when you speak to her of Pigtown concerns, stepped down.  I’m guessing after the number of years she’s been on the council, a break to just kick back is probably on her to-do list.  Now, I don’t know enough about City politics to call her good or bad, all I can say is that again, she listens.  Whether that means anything actually got accomplished I have no idea (and I’m too lazy to back-track political mumbo-jumbo; I got enough of that when I was a Fed.)  But it was good to hear someone say “yes, you’re right, that needs to be taken care of.”  Looks like her son may possibly step into her seat, but nothing’s in stone yet.  All I can say is that whoever gets the seat, that he or she gets it because that person is the best for our area.  Because Pigtown is trying it’s best to get a leg up, and it’s doing a really good job of it, with art galleries, restaurants, a new bakery (yaaaaaaay Tasty Creations!!!) opening withing the past 12 months, and a music lounge coming soon…and a wine shop under construction.  Go Pigtown, go!  Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

All this goes toward my New Year’s Resolution to be more Pigtown and Baltimore-active.  I’m gonna start heading out somewhere once a week, even if it’s just to Perfecto for a $1.98 cuppa, or to Tasty C for a cupcake.  (Okay, what I’m really looking forward to is the wine shop…. What?)  But to get started with the day-to-day Balmer love, I’m hitting up the National Aquarium this Friday for their Cultural Series.  It’ll be Asian Night, so yay!  Gotta get with mah peeps.  Plus, after Oshogatsu?  I could do with a bit of excitement instead of just cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and mochi.  Though the mochi is always a good thing.

With all the cleaning?  I felt like a bit of spiffing too.  So I ended up splurging (thanks in large part to my sis & bro-in-law’s birthday prezzie) on some closet organization.  What, you thought I meant clothes?  Oh, that’s so last decade.  I bought some of those shelf-tracking baskets & hooks, putting ’em up with a single track in the main floor closet.  Now it actually looks like a hall closet/pantry combo.

I could use one more basket, to be honest.  But that basket would be waaaaay up high so I haven’t figured out if I need it, or just want it.  Decisions, decisions.  Ah well, it’s a brand-new year, plenty of time enough in the next 12 months!

Other 2011 projects I’m deciding on?  Glad you asked:

* Shelving/built-ins for the ManCave tv shelf.

* A flat-screen tv for said ManCave tv shelf.

* More storage for the upper bath (either some sorta floating shelving and “shoe storage” ala IKEA turned into plain-ol’ storage, or recessed shelving, dunno yet) and a magazine holder for bathroom/bathtub readage.

* Hanging a mirror in the front room (though that’s a done-deal, as I’ve already bought one….)

* Frame the movie posters I’ve got stuck up on the long basement wall.  Double-sided removable tape is only good for so long.  And I do want the movie theater vibe down there.  Y’know, a movie theater with pillows and throws and comfy.

* Install a dish-soap dispenser into the “hole” in my kitchen sink, which is high priority since I found out that the hole isn’t waterproof.  Oops.

Many other tidbits to follow, I’m sure.  But for now that’s it.

For now!


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