ManCave bookcase #1 up!

Went to IKEA today to check out the as-is department, per usual. Found a white veneer BILLY bookcase! Nabbed it for 25% off, and it was already assembled.  So, it doesn’t look like a built-in, and it definitely has a “tossed up on the shelf” vibe to it…but it doesn’t look half bad for all that.  I’m thinking it’s a Good Thing:


(BTW, I didn’t push it all the way up against the left wall ’cause of the molding in the back corner.  That’s why there’s a gap there.  Which actually looks not-as-sucky in person….)

In addition, I picked up a double-drawer insert for my Expedit (also as-is, also already assembled), a new upstairs bathroom rug (pink and orange!) and a “recycle bin” that I’ve hung in the upstairs bathroom ’cause it holds magazines and books just fine.  It also has a flat top, for to rest a glass o’ vino on the days I feel like a soak & a glass.  Last week I bought a mirror (yes, all this IKEA shopping can only mean one thing; sale-time) for the front room and it’s now up in all it’s feng-shui-like glory.

I also saw another item on my drool list today: the corner-unit LACK tv bench (with siding to pay down & brakes/battery fixes for the car, “new tv” will most probably be a next year/way later this year splurge….) But said LACK had a chunk o’ veneer missing, and I know that’d bug me.

For now though? Hoping to score another BILLY for the other side of the ManCave shelf. Looove me some organization!


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