Homeownership goes butch! (Or, installing a dish-detergent dispenser)

I’ve always feared almost every kind of DIY activity that doesn’t entail simply nailing something somewhere.  But, after I realized that my kitchen sink has a hole in it, and the plug that covers said hole lets water drip down ’cause it’s not sealed?  Figured I’d have to correct that situation soon.  Mostly because I am a huge slob and I like to splash water everywhere.

I decided to put in one of those dishwasher detergent dispensers, and even before I walked into a hardware store I needed a paper bag to breathe into for the fear I was drumming up inside myself.  Because I know I’m not exactly the most on-task person in the world, and my love of the lazy usually ends up with something crashing down.  But since this is the Year Of No Fear, I sidled up to the store, picked up a dispenser and some plumbers putty (thank you for the mini-lesson on how to use this stuff, contractor guy who came last year and fixed my kitchen sink!)

Now?  All done!  I feel so accomplished (badass), tough (macho), and proud (self-satisfied) that I can’t stand myself.  But in all honesty, it was so embarrassingly easy a 2-year-old chimp could do it, and probably better. Let me just say the feeling I got when I was waist-deep under my kitchen sink cabinet?  Total Tool Time.  And that’s way cool.

But why talk when I can take the lazy way out and show you?

Again, this was so super-easy I finished everything in about 20 minutes.  And that’s because I wanted to put the kettle on for some tea, because I’m nothing if not a multi-taskin’ demon.

Total cost?

Kit: under $13.00 (I had a 10% off total purchase coupon, this kit is usually a bit over $13; you can get more expensive ones if you like, but I decided to just grab what they had at the store)

Putty: under $2.00 (And I still have tons of the stuff left over)

Labor: Uh, less than 20 minutes of my time is probably worth…well, let’s just round that to zero for the sake of argument, shall we?

Hooray — a pretty, useful item put in for under fifteen bucks.  Score!

I’m loving that I was able to get that done, but the fear is creeping back, even stronger than vefore.  Why?  Because I also picked up a tip-tray install kit.  Hinges to install?  Me?  Gotta repeat to myself; The Year Of No Fear.  The Year Of No Fear.  The Year Of NO Fear.

Hey, it’ll be easier than putting in the lighted “rocker switch” I also picked up today, in the hopes that swapping the basement stair light switch with a lighted one I can just jab at (rather than flick up & down) would make life easier….



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