February already? A DIY catch-up.

Now that I have two Billy bookcases on the “tv shelf” in the ManCave, found a pretty piece of artwork, and started to tweak kitchen upgrades?  Time to polish a bit.  A very little bit, since my last name is not Holmes.  Though I wish it were (or, if I couldn’t inherit the gene, that I could at least absorb a bit of his house guru-ness.)

A few things that I’ve done (but have been too lazy to blog about; thanks winter asthma!):

* Found another piece of art!  I know the “Keep Calm And Carry On” posters are everywhere, but I still like ’em.  And when I found this one?  I knew that’d be a bit of brightness to help liven up the front room a bit more.

Front Room
Front Room: with new art. And Lily.

* Put in “flipper doors” on the drawer “fronts” in front of the kitchen sink.  It was a bit of work, but totally worth it.  Because I’ve always thought they were cool!  And that’s what counts.

"flipper" (or tip) tray guts
"flipper" (or tip) tray guts
Me being a stud with my new drill
Me being a stud with my new drill
After putting on the other hardware...
After putting on the other hardware...

(Yes, there’s gotta be an easier way to get pics into a blog.  But since I know next to zero about this stuff?  Uh, yeah.  It may not be pretty, but it works.  And I’ve goofed up enough picture inserts to just leave it be….)


* My latest “hey it’s snowing, let’s do this!” project?  A Billy extension for the left-side “make-believe built-in” in the ManCave!  The only problem?  The low Billy bookcases don’t have the holes at the top for the extension shelves to be attached by screw/lock hardware thingies.  But I took a drill bit and drilled holes to make the thingies fit (I used an 11/64) and voila!

Mo bookcase, mo Dvds!
Mo bookcase, mo space for DVDs!

Time now to kick back and enjoy.  And now with the new Tasty Creations Bakery in the ‘hood?  It’s treats-a-poppin’ anytime I want!

That could be bad.  But oh so deliciously bad….













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