Happy Half-Price Candy Day!

Well ladies, the Best Part Of February is going on right now.  That’s right, I’m talking about the day after Valentine’s Day, when all the candy that nobody bought gets a 50% discount, so they can avoid being sent back to the Island Of Misfit Chocolate.  And I do like to pick up some sugary goodness every February 15th, y’know, to help out those poor little candies.  I’m a giver.

But this year?  Apparently stores have finally figured out we’re in a recession.  So there wasn’t much to pick through.  (Good thing, because I’m finally back on my gym kick, and I’d rather spend that time toning up, rather than burning off all the extra goodness I would have been shoveling into my gaping maw.)  Instead of my candy-fest, I decided to wander around and look at TVs.  Because next weekend is President’s Day, and that’ means sales.  Yipee!  Yes, I have  a budget.  What?

For a Valentine’s Day surprise, I decided to put up a Lillholmen toothbrush cup/holder.  It matches the hooks I put up earlier…oh wait.  No picture of that either.  What the hell have I been doing with my time?  Apparently spending it avoiding picture-taking.  No, something much worse: taking pictures, then not bothering to put ’em up because I’m lazy.

Okay, just guilted myself into waddling upstairs, then up the other stairs (yep, in the ManCave) to snap a pic of the new hooks *and* the brand-new toothbrush/cup/holder thingie:

New bath awesomeness!
New bath awesomeness!

Okay, back to giving the kitties attention.  Because when I leave for the gym?  I’d best be kissing some kitty tuchas.  Or there will be two ticked off Valentines up in the hizzy.


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