Man stabbed to death in Pigtown…a block away from me!


Just got the info from a tweet: a man was stabbed to death in the middle of the afternoon today.

This happened right at the corner that faces the southernmost side of Callender Street, where Pigtown has had a terrific housing/neighborhood rehab goin’ on thanks to corporate and private investors, along with volunteers from groups like Habitat for Humanity.

And though I don’t have to say it, I’m gonna anyway; just as I was getting comfortable walking to and from the 700 Block of Washington Boulevard, the Inner Harbor and UMMC, something like this happens that makes me worry.  What happens if the next time I’m walking around in the middle of the afternoon something happens?  A young man moved out of this area last year, partly because of a change of location, but partially because he got beat up by drug dealers.

To steal from the article:

“A man was fatally stabbed Tuesday afternoon after an argument turned deadly in Pigtown, police said…. The killing is the sixth in the Southern District this year, which had none at this time last year. Overall crime in the district is about the same, records show.”

At the last Citizens of Pigtown meeting, the officer that came to talk about crime statistics had said that the crime rate had stayed about the same, but car break-ins have gone up.  (TIP:  if you own a car? Don’t walk away from it when you’ve got it running! Even “a quick sec” can end up with you watching your car drive away without you….”

So my question is this: if car break-ins have gone up, and MURDERS have gone up, what exactly has gone down that makes the crime rate “about the same”?  Sorry, but after undergrad and grad statistics, I wonder what the stats truly look like.

With art galleries, a new bakery, restaurants here, and a wine store coming soon?  It would be wonderful to be able to be able to walk down the street without being worried that you’ll be beaten, stabbed and/or shot just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And I’d love for the cops in the Southern District to receive more help!  Those guys and gals work their tuchases off just keeping things at a status quo.  More help would, well, help.  But who knows what will happen now that budget cuts are coming fast & strong, from the City, State and Federal arena.



One thought on “Man stabbed to death in Pigtown…a block away from me!

  1. This is sad. My dad grew up on Callender Street. I lived there as a little girl. My grandmother lived on Callender St from 1935 until 1978. It’s very sad

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