Cats: the learning curve

Oh crud.  Has it been almost a month since I’ve posted?  Wow I’m lazy.

Okay truth?  I picked up an Android phone, and though it’s easier to track stuff like Facebook and Twitter, it’s not as easy to post stuff to my blog.  Plus, my Evo Shift?  Takes the crappiest pictures I’ve seen since I had an old Nokia.  Seriously; it’s a 5 megapixel phone with a flash, and the pictures are pure crap 95% of the time.  Anyway, enough of my whining, onto the show.

So, Lily and Zoe have been wee-ing up a storm.  Lily is still doin’ her bidness by the front door, and Zoe (at least I *think* it’s Zoe) is going to town around the lower bathroom door/Swamp Room door.  I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve threatened placing them with Other Cat Parents (thanks to connections I have to folks that try to find new homes for animals of all kinds that have behavioral problems).  But mostly I’ve been emotionally tuckered out, trying to balance new (but cheap/crappy) carpets with the love I get from these fuzzy pumpkins.

The problem I have the most with all the wee-ing is the smell.  Yes, having wee on the carpets ain’t the most sanitary thing in the world, but I worry about being a single woman with a wee-smell house.  Next stop; Hoarders!  But I’ve been doing daily cleaning, just like I used to do before I moved back to the MD area, back in my Dutiful Wifey past life.  (Well, except back then though my ex-hub and I had three cats, there was no wee outside the litter box.  Lucky us!!!)  Getting back into the daily clean has been surprisingly easy, and it feels better than the weekly vacuum/laundry/polish/Windex blitz I’ve been doing, since a daily clean makes cleaning easier….

And, I’ve found a decent product.  Now, I don’t use this blog to schill, but I’ve tried what everyone considers the best products out there…with little to no real luck.  Nature’s Miracle?  Nope, still stinky.  Bissel SpotBot Pet?  Would be great, if it was a fresh/newish stain (or if I had stain protected carpet that didn’t let the wee sink down in 3 seconds flat).

Sorry — had to take a break to clean yet another wee stain on the basement carpet.  Possibly because I’m running the laundry/dehumidifier.  Gaaaaah!  Cleaning the house every day is no problem.  Cleaning up wee every day (and sometimes twice a day like today)?  HA-TED IT.  Ahem.  Anyway.  Carry on….

The cleaner I found that actually works on the smell is No Odor by Natural Chemistry.  What’s that, you ask?  I’m not too sure; I found it at T.J. Markdown and figured for $5 I’d give it a try.  It’s an enzyme-based stain remover, much like Nature’s Miracle.  But this time, when I sprayed it on some old hairball-yak stains that no longer smell but still show up on black light?  The stains disappeared as I sprayed ’em with this stuff!  Bingo!

This stuff is touted as an odor remover, not a stain remover.  I’m tempted to try their stain remover, but I’m afraid 1) like Nature’s Miracle, I’m gonna be disappointed, and 2) it won’t work as well as their No Odor.

Bonus points for it being a natural company, but honestly?  I’d use just about anything that didn’t melt my skin or harm the kitties.  Amazon sells big jugs o’ the stuff, but I may buy a spray bottle of the stain stuff just to see if it works.  If it does?  Then I’ll start using that in the Bissell for a one-two scrubpunch.

I may take the kitties in for a UTI checkup.  Expensive?  Yes.  But I want to rule that out, even though my V.E.T. says that it’s most likely behavioral based on my descriptions.  (And how about that; a V.E.T. that is more interested in helping her patients/owners than she is making money on desparation.  She’s a keeper!)

This doesn’t even touch on the knock-down-drag-out these two had when they saw a random street cat on THEIR deck yesterday.  Zoe freaked out so bad she attacked Lily!  And then (maybe because she was scared?) Zoe tried to attack me!  Spraying Zoe down with a bit of water from a spray bottle I have for the houseplants seemed to be the “slap” she needed, though it too all day for them to settle back down.  (Poor Lily; she was a wreck, being as how she’s already on tenderhooks 24/7….)  Meanwhile, the poor kitty outside was obviously starving — it was soooo thin — and s/he didn’t want to leave.  I had to shoo the kitty off the deck as gently as possible wile still keeping an eye out for another outbreak of ass-kicking in the house.  It was so obvious this was a former housecat; his/her coat is gorgeous and the cat had no fear of me, in fact it looked like all the cat wanted was to come inside.  Damn these people that ditch their pets!  I wish I could take the cat in, but with the freakout?  That’s a negatory good buddy.

So, if you’ve read this far, here’s your reward: kitty pics!  Keepin’ it classy; this time it’s b&w!


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