Rain rain…come fill a barrel.

Own a Home? You Need A Rain Barrel!.

OMG, like there’s more stuff I need to think about.  But this article on rain barrels?  Awesome!

Now, about that HVAC unit thisclose to the deck that blocks the downspout….

Gah!  One more vote to knock that deck down.  After the yard gets fenced; I live in a city, I’m not wanting folks to come a’knockin’ on my back door.  Or at least I don’t want them coming in easy as pie.  You want in so bad?  Clamber over something, be it fence or deck.  So I can hear you and call the po-po.

Ahem.  Anyway.  Mmm, rain barrel.  Sure would help with watering the (teeny) lawn, while re-directing water from, well, my basement walls.  ‘Cause that can’t be good.


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