New towel rack: thanks As-Is Department!

A quick side note after the garden post: I nabbed a towel rack from IKEA during a 50% off day in the As-Is Department. Not too shabby for $4! And it’s the same style as the toilet paper holder. Like I planned the whole thing!

My new Droid is awesome in many respects… picture taking is not one of them. So fuzzy will be a constant, sadly.

Off to put my manicotti in the oven. Yeah, I cooked today too! As a treat, finally gonna sit down and paw through the Martha Stewart Food magazines that mysteriously started showing up on my doorstep this year. No name, just the address. Hey, thanks mystery publicist, whoever you are!


4 thoughts on “New towel rack: thanks As-Is Department!

    1. Aw man! Why do I have the sinking suspicion that I should have known that? The mind…a terrible thing to lose….

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