Spring… garden time!

I did so love my garden last year. But, if I’ma be honest, I bit off more than I could deal with. I was too busy, and my time away from home really put my plants thru the wringer.

This year? I plan on spending more time a home, with a new writing gig, two kitties (and the Wee Wars an ongoing, but now more manageable and less odiferous) and a determination to hang around Baltimore, with occasional trips back home to the DC Metro, rather than the other way around. Still, downsizing the greenery is definitely on order.

To start? More pretty, less practical! Though I will be choosing water savvy plants, and indigenous greenery whenever possible. I love the idea of tomatoes & zucchini, but they require a lot more upkeep on my baking-hot deck than I’m able to give them (and still be able to actually enjoy the summer out & about).  Peppers?  Probably.  But flowers, mos def.  Herewith, my new friend, Dianthus!


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