Miss Lily

(Text added 6/4/2011, after I realized it didn’t take the day I uploaded it)

Okay, so I had written a message on my lovely new Droid and hit send.  All that was sent?  This picture.  Dammit.

To catch up, Miss Lily is still wee-ing in the house, even after I separated her from the rest of the world.  When she was in the second bedroom, all alone?  She was fine.  Used the litterbox, the whole 9 yards.  The moment I let her back out?  (Okay, like 24 hours after?)  Back to it.

I’ve tried my best to call my friend that offered a place to Miss Lily.  But, as is often the case with things that sound too good to be true, I haven’t heard from that person since she held out that offer.  Ah well.

Looks like as much as I adore Miss Lily, and as lovely and loving as she is, I’m gonna have to drop her at BARCS.  Which will immediately put her down, because shelters don’t keep room for cats with urine issues.

I feel horrible, but I also feel horrible sitting in MY BRAND FUCKING NEW HOUSE and smelling nothing but cat wee.

My friends have been uber-supportive though.  Still, when I do finally grow up and make a decision on this (read: take her to BARCS), I have a feeling even a full bottle of vino won’t kill the sadness.  Or the feeling that there was something else I could have done.  Even after the 5 different chows, the 4 different litters (maybe more?  I’ve lost count), the different litter boxes, Feiliway, Prozac (for her, not me…), separation….

Gads.  But one of the shelters — a no-kill that told me *all* shelters put down or don’t accept wee-problems — told me something interesting.  That most likely Lily’s original owners knew she was a problem and didn’t say anything, and that they most likely lied about having someone in the house with allergies.  They simply moved to a new house and no longer wanted Lily.

Thanks for dumping the Horrible Cat Killer issue onto me, folks.  Y’all suck.


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